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Answer student questions with an online automated response system
Assist, attract transferring students with
Assumptions create exposure to claims of transgender discrimination
Automate curriculum review to save time, trouble
Automate transfer credit evaluation with imaging technology
Be prepared to assist with reaccreditation by providing data, being a team player
Benchmark Your Institution’s Course Retake Policies
Benchmark Your Transcript Fees Against Your Peers'
Boost Retention, Show Students You care With a Strong Communication Strategy
Collaborate on strategic planning for campuswide results
Collaborate to make your office, campus safe for students, staff and faculty
Communicate effectively with staff, colleagues who aren’t in the office
Compare your transcripts to other institutions’
Consider cocurricular transcripts to reflect all learning
Consider flexible scheduling options that will assist faculty, students
Consider how Specified Learning Outcomes Could Be Used To Determine if Credits Transfer
Consider link between financial aid and access, retention
Consider Offering Financial Education to Improve Student Success
Consider Threats Posed by New FERPA Regs, Take Steps to Protect Records
Create a data toolset to promote good decisions
Ease transfer-credit evaluation with an online process
Ensure FERPA compliance when disclosing records for reverse transfer
Establish guidelines to guide student-athletes to successful academic careers
Explain requirements for FERPA compliance
Follow best practices for transcript notations
Format Policies to Boost Comprehension, Improve Ease of Use
Host a graduation fair to benefit students, staff
Implement an Electronic Course Catalog to Save Money, Staff Hours
Implement Automated System to Certify Athletic Eligibility
Implement Creative Approaches to Boost Your Graduation Rate
Implement experiences transcripts to provide a more complete student record
Implement gesture biometrics to stop online identity fraud
Improve phone responses with research, quality control
Improve student success with a comprehensive alert system
Improve your knowledge, skills with new enrollment management book
Keep calm in a crisis: Best practices for emergency scheduling
Keep your office afloat despite declining state revenues
Learn how 2-year, 4-year collaborations support enrollment goals
Learn how the FERPA “Dear Colleague Letter” affects privacy of student health records
Learn reporting structures for Registrar’s Offices, registrars’ attitudes about them
Learn when you don’t need to notify student about subpoena
Make drafting university policy a Mickey Mouse affair
Move class scheduling online for ease, accuracy, sustainability
Offer easy access to your office services via apps on students’ iPhones
Personalize your processes and systems to retain student-veterans
Plan carefully for a memorable commencement
Position yourself to collaborate effectively with academic leaders
Preliminary Results from our Annual Survey
Prepare to Comply with Credit-Hour Definition for Brick-and-Mortar, Online Classes
Prepare to respond to increase in transcript fraud involving international students
Prevent Identity Theft with Red Flags Rule Compliance
Provide convenient access to services with creative Web apps
Provide easy access to information with mobile apps, Web
Provide top-notch customer service with strategies Disney developed
Recognize strategies for killing change, use them to your advantage to create change
Reconsider Your Policies, Procedures by Evaluating Courses With Most Fs
Redesign processes for a more engaged staff, better service to students
Retain young professionals with training, support
Review New Title IV Regulations to Plan Compliance
Review of posthumous degree policies yields options for campus committees to consider
Review preliminary results of our survey on Registrar's Office staffing
Support Student-Athletes in Their Sports, Academics and Personal Growth
Support transfer students with a transfer articulation office
Survey: Registrar’s Offices Reveal Fee Policies and Their Impact on Student Behavior
The Successful Registar's Annual Survey:
Our Thanks
The Successful Registrar honored in APEX 2012 Awards for Publishing Excellence
Train campus on when consent is not required to disclose education records
Transcript notations can help institutions reduce foreseeable risk
Understand how latest updates to student-veteran legislation affect your campus
Understand the impact of the new redisclosure rules
Use scheduling tools to save staff time, make better use of space
Use these strategies to work effectively with faculty members
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