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The Successful Registrar is the quintessential tool for any modern-day registrar...I've found the sections on 'compliance' and 'tools of the trade' to be particularly valuable, and the 'lawsuits and rulings' section provides real-time information that I apply to real-life situations almost every day. The Successful Registrar is not just nice to have. It is positively essential.”
Stephen Hamrick, registrar and assistant to the vice president for academic affairs
Southern Polytechnic State University.

Every month, The Successful Registrar gives you practical guidance on all aspects of your job--from implementing the newest technology to complying with the new FERPA regulations, and from training your staff and student workers to managing students' records.

Now that the latest FERPA regulations are in effect, registrars are trying to figure out how to comply with the law--a daunting task. From online privacy concerns to dealing with helicopter parents, The Successful Registrar delivers complete analysis of the latest developments, so you understand how your policies may have to change.

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  1. Incorporate emerging enrollment technologies in tuition payment and more
  2. Learn how to find and keep qualified staff members
  3. Stay current on legislation and your legal requirements
  4. Know what your colleagues are doing successfully
  5. Discover proactive strategies to make your programs efficient and effective

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  • Leaders & Innovators - profiles a registrar's career and reflects on the lessons learned to help you tackle the challenges that come with the position
  • Compliance -- each month, Richard Rainsberger, the FERPA Doc® provides valuable advice to clear up FERPA misconceptions and provide detailed guidance to keep you in legal compliance
  • Tools of the Trade -- offers tips and practical ideas for managing technology systems and staff. You find you about new systems and how others are using them--so you can evaluate what will work for your institution
  • Lawsuits & Rulings -- avoid the legal blunders other institutions have made. You get easy-to-read summaries of recent court cases, Family Policy Compliance Office letters, and Office for Civil Rights letters
  • Professional Development -- helps enhance your leadership and communications skills needed for your day-to-day tasks, from hiring and retaining effective personnel to collaborating with other departments. It also alerts you to relevant seminars, workshops, and other training opportunities.

Plus, every month The Successful Registrar poses a challenging ethics question or presents a "What Would You Do?" scenario which highlights actual problems registrars face every day, along with solutions suggested by your colleagues.

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  • Meet the Editor

    Joan Hope

    Joan Hope became editor of The Successful Registrar in 2006. She brings years of experience in higher education and journalism to her work.
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